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Updated Cue Charts

We are working to verify, standardize, and publish updated charts for the entire catalog of cued languages. These charts are available for free. You may download .pdf files for
personal use or to distribute for teaching. These charts should not be altered and
may not be posted online. Instead, you may re-direct your site visitors to this page.


Adapted in 2015 (2007 according to the Ethiopian calendar) by Thomas Shull with review by Dr. Telahun Gebrehiwot (Boston University and Yale University).



Devised by Dr. R. Orin Cornett in 1966 as the original cueing system. Side movements were added in the 1970s to increase visual contrast between vowels.


UK Southern Standard

Adapted in 1970 by Dr. R. Orin Cornett and Winifred Tumim. Chart created by the Cued Speech Association UK (CSUK). 


Adapted by Cornett and Pasteur Mermod of Geneva. This chart is provided by the Association nationale pour la promotion et le développement de la Langue française Parlée Complétée (ALPC).

Cue Charts: Files
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